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Thanksgiving Note Calendar – November 2020

20201101 Thanksgiving note

Dear Church Family,


Thanksgiving day is coming. This season is a good time for us to think of God's blessings for us in our lives.


Thanksgiving changes a life. Thanksgiving opens our eyes to see God's grace and mercy in our lives. Thanksgiving helps us to see the bright part of our lives and makes us see the joy of life. Thanksgiving makes our lives bright and happy. Please find three (people, things, situation, or etc.) that you are thankful for, and write them on the calendar every day.


The copies of the Thanksgiving Note Calendar is on the table in the Narthex. You can take a copy and start this project. Also, the file and copy is attached so you can print it and use it. 


Church Family, 

Let's try this and see what will happen to us at the end of the month! Also, would you share with us your story, what happened to you when you complete this project?




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