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Let's Work Together! Let's Make a Team!


“Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that

your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58 NIV)



Dear Church Family,


Thank you for your love for the church! You have loved the church, cared for the church, and supported the church. Participating in church ministry, you are participating in God’s ministry in Little Falls and the world.


We had Church forum meetings, and these are the list of ideas for the possible ministry for us. 


- Music Ministry (Choir, Singing at Nursing home.)

- Outreach to the community to be active in the community and show our presence. Join in the community event (ex. Street Fair – Parking lot, Memorial parade, 5K)

- The homebound ministry – Visit the homebound – How about encouraging youths to be involved in the ministry? (ex. Youths with Adults together visit the homebound.) 

- Encourage youths to serve the church and stay at church by inviting them into the church      ministries.


- We need people who have great ideas.


- Discipleship training program – Nurturing Christians at church.


- Active Evangelism program to invite new people to the faith in God (ex. Alpha Course)


- Advertisement through publication on social media and offline – to show the community what we as a faith community have done and are planning. (ex. Posting photos of all church events through the church website and social media)


- Sharing witness at Sunday Service – Your story!


- Welcome package for door to door – the new residential buildings.


- Enhance the fellowship – any events that help the church members get to know each other and be close to each other?


- Hands-on Mission in our local towns.


- Fellowship with the new church


- Package for the Homeless – water, a book about Jesus, Juice, etc. – when you see the homebound while you are driving or stop by a store.


- End the sin of Racism – a new class for a book study – Nice Racism.


Church Family, what ministry on the list are you interested in? For what ministry does God call you? Please take the time to review the possible ministries with prayers. Please lead or participate in the possible ministries. Please let me know if you are interested in any ministries. Let us work together! Also, we will hold another church forum meeting. Please join us and share your ideas and thoughts with us! We are the church!



Pastor Jin

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