September 18, 2020


Dear Little Falls Church Family,


God’s peace be with all of you! You are in my prayers.


Since the second Sunday of July, we have had both In-Person Worship in the Fellowship Hall and Online Worship every Sunday. We will continue to Worship God through both In-Person Worship and Online Worship. Now the summer is gone, and we have beautiful weather. It’s time to go back to Sanctuary. 


We are back to Sanctuary on September 20, 2020. We will keep our safety by following the guidelines when we get together at church because the Pandemic is not over yet. We will follow the guidelines of our denomination, NJ Government, and CDC. According to the guidelines, we will prepare the worship place for our safety, including disinfection, the sitting arrangement, and the flow of human traffic. 


As we go back to Sanctuary, we have a new arrangement of pews. You can see the diagram where you can sit on the pew. Please check the diagram to have distance one another at least 6 feet. 




We will continue to use the OFFICE-SIDE ENTRANCE. Please come to the building through the OFFICE-SIDE ENTRANCE.


Please read carefully the information below and follow it, so that let us protect all of us.


  1. In-Person Worship or Online Worship

    1. You can choose to join In-Person Worship or Online Worship.

    2. Please join In-person worship

      1. If you don’t have any symptoms of Covid-19.

      2. If you are healthy and don’t have an underlying disease.

      3. If you are comfortable being at church and want to worship together.

    3. Please stay home and join Online Worship 

      1. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or don’t feel good.

      2. If your immune system is weak.

      3. If you had surgery recently so your body condition is not fully recovered.

      4. If you have underlying medical conditions.

  2. When you leave at home

    1. Check your temperature with a body thermometer. (If you have a fever, please stay at home and join Online Worship)

    2. Wear a mask (you are required to wear a mask during worship)

  3. When you enter the church after you park

    1. Wear a mask

    2. Please use the office-side Entrance (near Warren St.) to enter in the church. We will use only one entrance.

    3. Your body temperature will be checked at the entrance.

    4. A sanitizer will be given to your hands

  4. When you enter into Sanctuary.

    1. Keep distancing at least 6 feet from each other (No handshake or hug)

    2. Keep wearing a mask inside

    3. There will be an offering station at the door.

    4. We will not use paper items such as hymnal, bible, and bulletin but use a projector and a screen.

    5. We continue to have Children’s time (children will stay with parents at children’s time) but we will not have Sunday school and Nursery will not be provided.

    6. Kids should stay with parents and wear a mask during the worship

  5. After Worship

    1. We will not have a coffee hour.

    2. Ushers will guide you to go out of the Sanctuary.

  6. Restroom 

    1. Restrooms will be used by only a person at a time.





Pastor Jin Kook Kim


139 Main Street

Little Falls, NJ 07424, USA

Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday  

9:30am to 12:30pm