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Church World Service and You working together to blanket the world with love.  


When difficult times happen, a kind and loving response can make all the difference. On Sundays April 24, May 1 and May 8, there will be an opportunity for you to help provide blankets to folks who are experiencing difficult times - fires, floods, war, etc. Our church youth will be in the narthex after worship to accept your generous donation of $10 to help CWS provide a blanket to someone who needs it - anywhere in the world.

Contributions of any size will be happily accepted. A NOISY OFFERING will be received during the service on Mother’s Day - May 8. Please bring lots of loose coins!  Let’s provide a blanket to those who need that warm hug; let them know they are not alone.


“And don’t forget to do good and share with those in need,” (Hebrews 13:16)

Your support is greatly appreciated! All donations are welcomed.


Should you have any questions, please call

Cathy 973-256-1889 or visit

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