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April 12, 2020   +++ Easter Sunrise Service +++ 6:15 a.m. 

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Grace and peace to you from Jesus Christ our Lord.

My brothers and sisters in Christ:

On this most holy morning in which Jesus Christ passed over from death to life, we gather as the Church to watch and pray.

This is the Passover of Christ, in which we share in Christ's victory over death.




L: Christ is risen!

All: God’s steadfast love endures forever.

L: Death never gets the final word.

All: God’s steadfast love endures forever.

L: Rejoice in this day of salvation.

All: Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!


OPENING HYMN          Christ the Lord is Risen Today   UMH 302 v 1, 3, 5


  1. Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!

Earth and heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!

Sing, ye heavens, and earth, reply, Alleluia!


3. Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!

Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!

Once He died our souls to save, Alleluia!

Where's thy vict'ry, boasting grave? Alleluia!


5. Hail, the Lord of earth and heaven, Alleluia!

Praise to Thee by both be given, Alleluia!

Thee we greet triumphant now, Alleluia!

Hail, the resurrection, thou, Alleluia!



All: Living God, rejoicing in this day of resurrection, we have come to celebrate the strength of your love— a love that triumphs even over death. As we exult in the miracle of your incarnate love, we thank you for the opportunity to encounter the Risen Christ here in our midst. Amen.


SCRIPTURE READING                             Luke 24:1-12 (NRSV)

The Resurrection of Jesus

24 But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb, taking the spices that they had prepared. 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 but when they went in, they did not find the body. 4 While they were perplexed about this, suddenly two men in dazzling clothes stood beside them. 5 The women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen. 6 Remember how he told you, while he was still in Galilee, 7 that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners, and be crucified, and on the third day rise again.” 8 Then they remembered his words, 9 and returning from the tomb, they told all this to the eleven and to all the rest. 10 Now it was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the other women with them who told this to the apostles. 11 But these words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them. 12 But Peter got up and ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen cloths by themselves; then he went home, amazed at what had happened.


MESSAGE                                  Remember and Trust!                     Rev. Jin Kook Kim


On the first day of the week, at early dawn, women came to the tomb of Jesus. They loved and followed Jesus when Jesus lived. Because they loved Jesus very much, they wanted to put spices on the body of Jesus as their expression of love and respect. They didn’t know what they were going to face until they came to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb and saw angels and heard, “Jesus has risen.” They never expected Jesus’ resurrection. It was not normal or usual for them. They expected Jesus’ dead body when they came up to the tomb because dead one should stay dead in their understanding. However, the tomb was empty, and the angels said, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He isn’t here, but he has risen!” They were terrified because of the angel, and they were perplexed and confused because of the angel’s words, Jesus, who died on the cross two days ago, had risen.” The angels kept talking, “Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’”


Women should remember Jesus’ words that he was going to be raised. They would not look for Jesus in the tomb if they remembered Jesus’ words. They would not bring spices to the tomb if they remembered and trusted Jesus’ words. Their problem was that they couldn’t remember it. It’s not only their problem but also the disciples’ problem. It was not only women’s and disciples’ problem but also our problem in many times in our lives.


We also have the same thoughts that dead things are supposed to stay dead; hopelessness stays hopeless, and darkness stays dark. However, through his resurrection, Jesus is saying to us, “No, not all the time! Not in all cases! Dead things can be resurrected; Hopelessness can change to hope; Darkness can be no longer any more if God changes.”


Jesus said to us that Jesus is with us always; God loves us so much; God will protect us and save us; Jesus will not leave us as orphans. Let’s remember Jesus’ words and trust Jesus, our Lord, and savior!


Little Falls Church Family,

We and all people in the world are in a hard time due to the pandemic. We don’t know when this situation will be over and how many people will be hurt physically, emotionally, or mentally. It is not easy to find hope in our reality. However, today, we face Easter Sunday, and we remember Jesus has risen from death. Jesus’ resurrection is our hope because the risen Jesus is with us and cares for us! The risen Jesus promised to hold us in his arms.


Little Falls Church Family,

Rather than being afraid or perplexed because of our current situation, let’s remember our baptism. In our baptism, God claimed us, welcomed us as God’s own children, and was well pleased with us! Let’s remember the moments that God came to us and helped us and saved us when we were in hopelessness and darkness. God’s grace has been at work our entire lives, and at this moment, this very moment. Let’s remember Jesus’ words and trust Jesus, our Savior, and Lord! Then, we will see the hope through him, the light through him, the strength through him, and the bright future through him! Remember and Trust! Christ is risen today! Alleluia, Amen!


CLOSING HYMN                He Lives                                  UMH 310


  1. I serve a risen Savior

He's in the world today

I know that He is living

Whatever men may say

I see His hand of mercy

I hear His voice of cheer

And just the time I need Him

He's always near



He lives He lives

Christ Jesus lives today

He walks with me and talks with me

Along life's narrow way

He lives He lives

Salvation to impart

You ask me how I know He lives

He lives within my heart


2. In all the world around me

I see His loving care

And though my heart grows weary

I never will despair

I know that He is leading

Through all the stormy blast

The day of His appearing

Will come at last


3. Rejoice rejoice O Christian

Lift up your voice and sing

Eternal hallelujahs

To Jesus Christ the King

The Hope of all who seek Him

The Help of all who find

None other is so loving

So good and kind




BENEDICTION                                                                                  Rev. Jin Kook Kim

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.” Christ is with us in this place. Christ goes with us into the world. Be now in Peace! Christ is Risen! Amen!